About Us


Efficiency based on Angus cattle with stay-ability, meat quality, growth and maternal traits. Forage based diets supplemented with locally grown cattle feeds.  ALL of our cattle have access to pastures for grazing.  We supplement with locally grown feeds and focus on pasture-based nutrition, letting cows graze the way they were meant to.

Low-stress/no-stress handling. We don't hit or yell at cattle,  and we certainly don't own an electric prod. Slow and easy is the goal. Our cattle never feel a need to run, unless running out of excitement to fresh pastures.  Cortisol (stress) plays a major role in beef quality. Happy cows make better beef, and our goal is to have the happiest cattle possible. Come and see for yourself... plan a visit to the farm, or visit our annual 'Christmas with the Cows' agritourism event.

“Leaving it better than we found it.” Protecting and improving our family farm for the benefit of the next generation. Annual participation in NRCS (Natural Resource Conservation Service) and Soil and Water programs that implement environmental Best Management Practices (BMPs). Our focus is long-term sustainability and care for the environment, today and for future generations.


The best product for our customers at an affordable price. Select breeding with Angus cattle, and tested genetics, yield tender, marbled, high quality beef. Angus beef is renowned for its quality and is the foundation of our herd. Our goal is to make one of the best eating experiences for you and for every customer. You'll see and taste the difference!


Anderson Family Farms is a fourth generation, family owned farm in Eastern NC.  The Anderson family consists of Pete, Dale (Grandpa), and the three daughters (oldest to youngest): Meg, Annie, and Madison. Pete (third generation) earned his ag business degree from NC State University then continued his ag career working for NC Cooperative Extension and later NCDA&CS. Meg (fourth generation) has followed closely in his footsteps, graduating with the same ag business degree from NC State University and starting her ag career in farm financials with AgCarolina Farm Credit. Every weekend of Pete's college years he would make the two-hour commute with Meg as an infant in the back seat to help Grandad with the herd in Pamlico County. Working together from the beginning, whether it be on campus, at the NCSU Beef Education Unit, or back home with the car seat in the cab of the tractor. We still live on the same family farm Great- Grandad (first generation) worked so hard to leave behind. Twenty years after having lost Grandad and selling our original herd, we worked together to put every post back in the ground and rebuild our cow-calf operation better than before as Anderson Family Farms.