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AFF was happy to host Pamlico County FFA - May 2024

N.C. Agritourism Networking Association - 2024 Farm Tour 

We are proud to have been featured as the first stop on the 2024 NC ANA Farm Tour. Having hosted more than 100 conference attendees, sharing our story as a family farm, and networking with like minded operations who share the same goal of diversifying and preserving their impact on the agriculture industry. 

Christmas News Feature 2023

This being our 2nd year venturing in Agritourism, we are extremely thankful for the support and participation from our friends, family, and community.  For 2023, "Christmas with the Cows" hosted local school groups, churches, families, and were fortunate enough to be featured on the local news. We look forward to watching our new tradition grow and having everyone back next year!

Pasture Feild Day

We were happy to help host a great workshop with Amazing Grazing on pasture management, plant ID, dung beetles, and electric fencing. Thank you to our local Craven County Livestock Agent, Brooke Zeleny, for organizing the event, and to our instructors for the day, Dr. Matt Poore (ruminant nutrition extension specialist) and Johnny Rogers (Amazing Grazing Program Coordinator)!

Pamlico County Farm to School Week 2023

As part of Farm to School Week (through our involvement with the local Women's Farm Bureau), we were happy to volunteer with the school system and share our farm story. Educating kids from from all grade levels on the local diversity, food sources, and career outlook within Pamlico County Agriculture.

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Cattlemen's Conference

We were excited to share the details of our successful agritourism kick off with fellow producers at the 2023 NC Cattlemen’s Conference. Our intention was to help other starting farms, or farms making the transition to local beef sales, cash flow through the process and promote their product. 

We are thankful for the friends and surrounding community who supported us, and hope to continue growing our family farm with great traditions like Christmas with the Cows!

Successful Farming.pdf

Christmas With the Cows

We're always happy to share our story as a local family farm, but add hay rides/hot chocolate/christmas lights and cows?! "Christmas With the Cows" has been a great opportunity to showcase our four cornerstones, while helping educate the public about the cattle industry and spreading some Christmas cheer. We are thankful too Heather for bringing her family to visit and for featuring our story in "Successful Farming".

NC Young Producers Council, Beef Tour - Oklahoma & Kansas

Cattlemen's Steakhouse, Oklahoma City

Oklahoma National Stockyards

Oklahoma National Stockyards

National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

"Welcoming our group, Oklahoma producers joined us to share all about their farms. We learned that though miles apart, we have many things in common. The desire to keep our farms in operation and to pass them to the next generation is at the heart of everyone's thoughts.

A visit to the Oklahoma National Stockyards was the first chance to see the large scale that the cattle industry operates on in the midwest. A fantastic talk with Kelli Payne primed us to learn all about the auction business. Kelli shared how she is involved in the community and strives to support Oklahoma City as a whole in addition to her many duties at the yard.

The Cowboy Museum provided perspective on our history as people who raise cattle and how it evolved from the first time cattle were brought to the U.S.

Visiting Express Ranch was a wonderful opportunity to see how genetics, reproduction technologies, and animal husbandry come together (as well as how nice show cattle live!)

Our NC Young Beef Producers [also] visited Buffalo Feeders and heard Mr. Tom Fanning share his perspective firsthand on the beef cattle industry. It’s great to see this operation be recognized for the job they do in providing a world class protein for us to enjoy. "

-North Carolina Cattlemen's Association, 6.15.2022

Roots Run Deep Article 6.1.22

Roots Run Deep

Working for the local Farm Credit Bank, Meg was happy to share our family story and agriculture history as part of the "Roots Run Deep" campaign, showcasing the associations dedication and passion for agriculture- down to the individual employee(s) level. 

Pasture Feild Day

We were happy to host our community cattlemen, farmers and extension agents for an informative afternoon on intensive grazing for efficient forages and herd management, financial insight and experience with cost share programs, and environmental stewardship through crop land conversion. Thank you to our local Craven County Livestock Agent, Katie Carter, for organizing the event, and to our event sponsors Forrest Farm Supply, NC Cattlemen's Association, and Meherrin of Bayboro!