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Quarters, halves, and whole beef seasonally available. 

BQA (Beef Quality Assurance Certified), Licensed NCDA Meat Handler, & USDA- NCDA Inspected Beef.

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* Angus Advantage  - known for its marbling, consistency, and juicy flavors, Angus Beef is a cut above!

* Tested Genetics - on top of registered Angus bulls, we test all of our animals for tenderness and quality.

* No/Low Stress - Happy cows make better beef. Stress/cortisol negatively impact beef quality. 

* Pasture access and Premium Feeds - Our cattle always have access to pastures and our hand-fed quality local grains and feeds supplement their well balanced diet for finishing. 

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What do I get in a bulk order?

Every order at AFF receives a detailed list of their purchase. Listing each cut, with total packages and total pounds. Hamburger is sold in 1-pound packages and other cuts vary in size. We want customers to know exactly what they are getting and what they have paid for.

We also honor the lower price to the customer... you save hundreds of dollars by ordering in bulk, but we go the extra mile in offering the lower price guarantee between hanging weight ($6/lb.) or package weight ($9/lb.). We call it the "Beat the Bull and Butcher Price Guarantee," because not every animal yields exactly the same, and sometimes the processor can have varying results.

In the end, you don't pay for waste and are protected if an animal yields extremely high.

This example is for a quarter. Halves would be times 2, and whole beefs would be times 4.

Thank you for your interest in ordering Local Farm Raised Beef from Anderson Family Farms.  Our focus is on producing a product that is 100% traceable, never leaves the farm until processing (where it is USDA-NCDA inspected and monitored through the final step) and returned directly to you.

All of our beef cattle are born at the farm, under our direct care, and sold directly to you.  That's a lot better than the 'normal routine' of grocery store chains and restaurants... where cattle can change hands multiple times (on the average of 4+).  At each step along the way, cattle may receive unneeded medications/antibiotics by becoming stressed, overcrowded, sick, and on and on.  Under the ‘normal routine’, you have no idea of what you are eating, where it has been, what it has been given or what it was fed.  This is the same for local producers who buy their cattle from auction or even sell older cows.  We feel farm-born and farm-raised is the best option.

We focus on keeping our cattle fat, happy and stress-free the entire process.  They have pasture access the entire grow-out period and are managed under Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) standards.  You can see and taste the difference!  I encourage our customers to stop by the farm and see the difference that makes local farm raised beef the best choice.

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